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A key objective of the Treasurer's Office is to invest State capital in a manner that supports community development efforts while simultaneously meeting its primary objectives of safety, liquidity, and return on investment. 


The Treasurer’s Office actively partners with qualified banks, credit unions, and other institutions to fill the need for deposits that satisfy specific financing requirements.  This includes our Linked Deposit Program, which provides capital to financial institutions for the purpose of providing low-interest loans to qualified borrowers in Illinois, and our Access to Capital Programs, which provides capital to financial institutions in Illinois without borrower limitations to support liquidity needs.


          •  Linked Deposits Program

          •  Access to Capital Program

          •  Access to Capital – Community Uplift Program

          •  Linked Deposit and Access to Capital Daily Rates


Become an Approved Depository

To participate in the Linked Deposits or Access to Capital Program, institutions must become an approved state depository.  Should you have any questions, please contact the Treasurer's Time Deposit Section at (866) 458-7327.


           •  Become an Approved Program Depository

           •  List of Approved Program Depositories

           •  List of Participating Program Depositories


Community Reinvestment Act

The Treasurer’s Office wants to encourage an open and effective banking system that grows local communities and boosts Illinois’ economy.  By law, the Treasurer’s Office is authorized to consider a financial institution’s record and current level of financial commitment to its local community when deciding whether to deposit State funds in that financial institution.  CRA ratings of "satisfactory" or "outstanding" are required to allow the deposit of state funds.  Exemptions for the Access to Capital – Community Uplift Program will be considered for qualified credit unions that do not receive a CRA rating.


           •  Community Reinvestment Act