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The Office of the Illinois State Treasurer ("Treasurer") internally manages two investment portfolios, the State Investment Portfolio ($14-$16 billion) and The Illinois Funds Local Government Investment Pool ($5-$7 billion). For both portfolios, the objective of the Treasurer is to invest funds in a manner that provides the highest return using authorized instruments, while meeting daily cash flow demands and conforming to all state statutes governing the investment of public funds. 


Broker/Dealers are utilized to facilitate investment transactions and approved debt securities issuers serve as the various issuers deemed suitable for purchases.







The Treasurer works with a number of qualified broker/dealers that provide services executing trades and facilitating investment transactions.


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Approved Debt Securities Issuers

The Treasurer also maintains a list of approved debt securities issuers that serve as authorized and suitable investment vehicles, including commercial paper issuers, corporate bonds issuers, repo dealers, and U.S. agencies, among others. These entities are reviewed on a regular basis for continuing creditworthiness and eligibility pursuant to requirements under state statutes and agency policies.


  •  List of Approved Debt Securities Issuers