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Introducing the New ePAY Partnerships: More Options and Service


ePAY is a full-service electronic payment program specifically designed for Illinois governments so they can quickly and securely receive monies through convenient, customized payment channels that offer constituents easier, faster payment choices to pay fees 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Learn more here.


As of January 2019 ePAY Participants Include:

39 State Agencies 14 Universities/Colleges
36 County Agencies 70 Libraries & Library Districts
189 Cities & Villages 10 Parks and Rec Facilities
22 Water/Sewer Districts 6 Public Transportation
4 Soil & Water Conservation Districts 12 Public Health & Safety
112 Schools and Board of Education Offices



As part of our commitment to offering participants the training and tools necessary to navigate ePAY services, we have available online tutorials to help you perform the necessary admin functions including reporting, refunds, voids, how to process a manual payment, and more.


Ready to enhance your constituents’ payment experience? Click here to learn more information about ePAY benefits and pricing.


It is our commitment to participants to ensure the software and services used for processing transactions is compliant with standards established by the PCI Security Standards Council. Both ePAY and our processors are certified annually as “PCI Complaint” with all the necessary scanning completed by an Approved Scanning Vendor (“ASV”). This includes an audit of our ePAY e-commerce application that helps remove the burden for e-commerce PCI validation from our participants.


In line with industry best practices, our online solutions offer transparency to your constituents, when they click away from your website over to our secure hosted page they are notified that they are doing so. This in turn helps lessen your PCI burden to the lowest level possible for e-commerce.


To meet the needs of ePAY participants we work with various software vendors to set up integrations to ePAY payment solutions. Learn more about the options available.


With a dedicated help desk available 24/7 and the online ticketing portal we are able to resolve 95% of all issues within 1 business day. Learn more here.


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