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There are communities throughout Illinois that struggle with unemployment, poverty, affordable housing, and a lack of economic activity. In many instances, individuals, families, and community organizations in these areas can empower themselves – and stimulate economic activity in their communities – with increased access to low-cost loans. 


Community Invest is a consumer-focused loan impact investment program. Through Community Invest, the Treasurer’s Office partners with approved financial institutions to provide community loans – either lower rate loans, or loans to individuals and families that would not otherwise qualify – to facilitate capital to underserved communities. In doing so, the Treasurer’s Office seeks to boost economic activity in Illinois while earning a competitive return for the State.


For more information about the Community Invest - Opportunity Illinois program, click here


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Real Growth, Big Impact

The Office of the Illinois Treasurer (Treasurer) strives for transparency, efficiency and preservation of public trust.  Our Invest in Illinois programs are designed to drive economic growth and offer a safe and sound investment opportunity. The Treasurer has made a strategic commitment to collecting foundational data to inform and guide our efforts in support of the people of Illinois. The dashboards below give a snapshot of the data we are collecting.


As a Banker, I have used the Opportunity Illinois Program multiple times.  It is a valuable tool for our Bank.  The program itself is very easy to use and the forms are simple to understand and fill out.  I have found it very easy to get in touch with Rebecca and her staff and they have immediately answered my questions.  I will not hesitate to use this program in the future.

Longview Bank & Trust - Lynn Gardner, EVP & Cashier


2020 Key Performance Indicators

The funds made available through the Community Invest Opportunity Illinois Program were utilized to fund business micro loans (54%), auto loans (36%) and mortgages/home equity loans (10%).


Opportunity Illinois Revised - Use of Funds

The Cannabis Banking Services Program has facilitated banking services for 79 cannabis-related businesses in Illinois, including checking accounts (66%) and savings accounts (33%).


Cannabis Banking Revised - Use of Funds

The types of businesses assisted through the Cannabis Banking Services Program were predominately dispensaries (53%) and cultivation centers (17%).


Cannabis Banking - Type of Business