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The Treasurer's Office is committed to growing and championing rural areas of Illinois. A comprehensive impact investments program has been deployed that commits $500 million in new money to deposit in local financial institutions to assist farmers, homeowners and employers who seek below market rate loans. This is believed to be the largest economic development program for rural Illinois to ever be implemented by the Treasurer’s Office.


The $500 million will fund the newly developed Access to Capital Community Uplift Program (CUP). This program provides money to lending institutions specifically to fund business growth or expansion as well as other worthy community development efforts. This new program will be in addition to the already popular Ag Invest Program that benefits Illinois farmers and the Finally Home Program that supports those who might not qualify for a traditional home mortgage.

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Illinois has a number of rural and urban communities, throughout the state, that struggle with unemployment, poverty, and large-scale business closings. These communities benefit from private and public-sector investment to stimulate business growth, job creation, and neighbourhood revitalization. The Access to Capital Community Uplift Program (CUP) does just that. CUP enables qualified financial institutions that operate in designated areas (i.e. Illinois Enterprise Zones, Opportunity ZonesLow-Income Communities) to access state investment capital at a lower rate, in the form of a time deposit. This affords community banks, local credits unions, and savings and loan institutions in areas of economic development, access to additional financial resources. This positions them to increase lending efforts, create jobs, and fund more local development efforts.


Visit the Community Uplift Program webpage for additional information. 

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The Illinois agriculture industry employs one in seventeen people either directly or indirectly. For over 35 years, the Treasurer's Office has been providing opportunities for Illinois farmers through the Ag Invest program.


Through a $200 million commitment to Ag Invest, the Treasurer's Office partners with approved financial institutions to provide qualified farmers and agriculture professionals below market rate loans to start, expand or add value to their farm operations. By offering reduced interest rate loans, the Treasurer's Office aims to lower the overall cost of improving a farm or value-added business. The loans provided by the financial institution can be used for the purchase of farm equipment, purchase of land, construction-related expenses, or other costs related to conventional, sustainable, or value-added farming.


Visit the Ag Invest webpage for more information about the loan possibilities for your farm.

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Finally Home is a free program that helps Illinois residents purchase or refinance a home, as well as helps prevent their existing home from going into foreclosure. This program is suitable for residents who have difficulty qualifying for conventional, sustainable mortgages because of factors such as bruised credit or a high debt-to-income ratio or are first-time homebuyers. Since its establishment in 2002, this program has guaranteed over $80 million in loans to more than 600 families. This program may be used by first-time homebuyers. 


Visit the Finally Home webpage for more information to help you manage the home ownership process.