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AAAmf Rated by Fitch 7-21

The Illinois Funds has earned the highest investment grade rating (AAAmmf) for a government-managed money market fund. The rating is based on Fitch's analysis of the pool's credit quality, market price exposure and management. The rating demonstrates that the fund has an extremely strong capacity to maintain principal stability and to limit exposure to principal losses due to credit risk. This is accomplished through prudent investment practices and strict internal controls. Review Fitch's most recent ratings analysis here.



Safety of principal is the foremost objective of the investment program. Illinois Funds investments are executed and managed in a manner that seeks to ensure the preservation of capital in the portfolio. Fitch's highest rating (AAAmmf) is proof positive that the safety objective is being met. 


The Illinois Funds also is subjected to monthly stress-testing by an independent research firm, which further ensures that (1) The Illinois Funds is compliant with Statement 79 (Certain External Investment Pools and Pool Participants) of the Governmental Accounting Standards Board and (2) the investment portfolio is well-positioned to withstand events beyond the norm of both the economy and the competitive marketplace. 


In addition, U.S. Bank provides the program with professional administrative and distribution services, which further contributes to the safe, secure, and efficient operation of the program.



Money invested in The Illinois Funds is available at all times. This is ensured by maintaining a relatively low weighted average maturity (WAM) and weighted average life (WAL), and subjecting the portfolio to regular stress-testing to ensure compliance with Governmental Accounting Standards Board, Statement 79 (Certain External Investment Pools and Pool Participants).


Weighted Average Maturity:   no greater than 60 days

Weighted Average Life:  no greater than 120 days


The Illinois Funds offers free deposits, transfers, and withdrawals (ACH or wire) online and by phone. Participants can also sign up for direct deposit, which allows state distributions to be deposited into their Illinois Funds account the same day they are paid by the state.



The Illinois Funds investment portfolio is designed to obtain the highest available return, taking into account investment risk restraints and liquidity needs. The Treasurer's Office uses industry benchmarks to ensure state dollars are placed in safe and lucrative investments. The Treasurer's goal is to consistently outperform the competition. Participants earn interest on 100% of their Illinois Funds account balance unlike commercial demand deposits, which earn interest on only 90% of the balance due to the Federal 10% reserve requirement.


2022-01 IF Composition 2022-01 IF Composition

(as of 31 Jan 2022)

IF v LGIP FY2022 IF v LGIP FY2022

(as of 31 JAN 2022)



To access The Illinois Funds' investment summary and benchmarks, please visit Money Market Fund Portfolio page. Daily fund interest rates are available by phoning the Illinois Funds Custodian at 1-800-947-8479 or by visiting the The Illinois Funds daily rates page.



Participants can be comfortable knowing that their Illinois Funds accounts comply with the Public Funds Investment Act, 30 ILCS 235. Some local government investment pools operating in Illinois do not comply with the Public Funds Investment Act. These pools may include instruments such as bankers' acceptances, asset-backed corporate obligations (like mortgages and credit card receivables), or municipal securities outside of Illinois, which we believe are inappropriate for most public investors.


The Illinois Funds complies with Illinois law and is limited to the following:  direct United States Treasury obligations and issues of United States Agencies or Instrumentalities; agreements to repurchase United States Treasury obligations and issues of United States Agencies or Instrumentalities; Commercial Paper rated A1, P1 or equivalent; and AAA-rated Money Market Funds. In accordance with Governmental Accounting Standards Board Statement 79, "Certain External Investment Pools and Pool Participants", The Illinois Funds reports all investments at the amortized cost.


Furthermore, the Treasurer's Office is responsible for the creation, revision, implementation, and publication of The Illinois Funds Investment Policy, which is accessible at the Investment and Financial Policies page.  This Policy provides an appropriate set of guidelines and parameters to ensure that the program is operated in a lawful, prudent, and effective manner, including incorporating the Sustainable Investing Act (PA 101-473) into the Investment Policy. Should your agency seek to create an investment policy to guide your actions, feel free to refer to our sample investment policy or contact our office.



There are two types of collateral currently used by public investors in Illinois, perfected collateral and non-perfected collateral. Perfected collateral is the only type that provides true safety for public funds.


Collateral ratios are as follows:  repurchase agreements at 102%.


Annual financial audit reports from the Office of the Illinois Auditor General provide participants with independent assurance in the safety and soundness of The Illinois Funds.  Click here to access recent Illinois Funds audit reports.


To contact The Illinois Funds, call 1-800-947-8479


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View the annual report for The Illinois Funds here:


The Illinois Funds is an investment pool for public funds administered by the Illinois State Treasurer’s Office (“Treasurer”) as authorized by 15 ILCS 505/17.  Please review the digital enrollment paperwork and FAQ on the Treasurer’s website for important information that you should review before opening an account in the Illinois Funds. Neither the funds contributed to an Illinois Funds account, nor earnings thereon, are guaranteed or insured by the United States, the State of Illinois or any other state, the Treasurer, any other state or federal agency, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, or any other entity.  Investors should consider, in light of their particular circumstances, the investment objectives, as well as the risks, charges, and expenses associated with investing in the Illinois Funds, as well as the relative suitability of investing therein before investing. Investors should consult their financial, investment, tax, or other advisor for more information. Past performance is not an indication of future performance.