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The Treasurer’s Office is in charge of investing state and local taxpayer dollars. Through the Community Development Link Deposit and Access to Capital Programs, the Treasurer’s Office deposits funds via time deposits (amounts over the FDIC limit will require collateral) in Approved Program Depositories (banks, credit unions, and savings and loan institutions statewide).

In addition, note that a safety and soundness review of your institutions will be conducted by our office. 


To participate in the Community Development Linked Deposit and Access to Capital Programs and become an Approved Program Depository, you must choose from one of the options listed below.


After you become an Approved Program Depository, you may participate in the Treasurer’s Office Community Development Linked Deposit and Access to Capital Programs. 


We offer three options to become an approved depository.  Please choose the option that fits the Financial Institution's interest in becoming an approved depository:


1. Financial Institution aggregate total deposits greater than $250,000 with securities pledged and any inactive Financial Institutions, defined as not participating in any Treasurer Office programs for more than two years: Click here


2. Financial Institution with aggregate total deposits greater than $250,000 pledging a Federal Loan Letter of Credit: Click here


3. Financial Institution aggregate total less than $250,000: Click here



For your convenience the interest rates for these programs are updated on a daily basis on our website. Click here to access the Access to Capital and Invest in Illinois Daily Rates.  In addition, information on the State Investment Portfolio is updated online every month.


If you have any questions, please contact the Banking Division Time Deposit Section at 217.782.0764.  A representative of the Treasurer's Office will contact you once your application has been received and reviewed.