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Since 2002 ePAY has offered local governments and state agencies the ability to safely accept credit card, bankcard and electronic check (ACH) payments at an affordable cost.


Key Benefits:

  • Speed and Convenience - Constituents can pay bills 24 hours a day, seven days a week, from any location through our online or interactive voice response (IVR) solutions. It’s fast, convenient, and secure.
  • Security and Compliance - Operated in a manner consistent with the Deposit of Statement Monies Act (15 ILCS 520), the Local Government Acceptance of Credit Cards Act (50 ILCS 345), PCI Data Security Standards, and prevailing credit card industry rules. ePAY also offers participants PCI support and administration tools.
  • Competitive Pricing - Multiple pricing and settlement options give participants the choice between paying credit card processing fees or passing those fees on to their constituents.
  • Settlement Bank Options - ePAY funds can be deposited directly into your Illinois Funds investment account(s), or you can elect to fund to a settlement account at a bank of your choosing. To learn more visit our New Participant page.
  • Customer Care - Dedicated help desk via toll free number is available 24/7/365 for participants and constituents.  Online ticket management system available for all service requests in addition to PCI compliance support.
  • Easy Application - No contract or request for proposal required. Government agencies in Illinois have the opportunity to leverage economies of scale provided by the Treasurer’s master processing contract.

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ePAY participants have the opportunity to earn greater returns on their balances and enjoy immediate access to their monies as part of The Illinois Funds, a Standard & Poor’s AAAm rated Local Government Investment Pool (LGIP). The Illinois Funds lets government agencies use the Treasurer’s resources to safely invest their funds while enjoying economies of scale available from a $4-6 billion pooled investment portfolio. The Illinois Funds’ investment objectives are, in priority order: (1) safety of principal, (2) maintaining sufficient liquidity to ensure participants have immediate access to funds, and (3) providing a competitive rate of return relative to comparable investment options.


Key Benefits:

  • Complete Account Access - Free online account access to view transaction history, perform financial transactions, including account inquiries, transfers, purchases, and redemptions.
  • No Minimum Balance Requirement
  • Automatic Deposits - Government agencies participating in ePAY under The Illinois Funds will have their funds deposited into their Illinois Funds investment account(s) daily. In addition to same day processing of Comptroller distribution payments.


How it Works

Illinois Funds Workflow


As part of enrollment, the Principal must review and sign the program agreements. The Principal is the individual authorized by the Public Agency or by statutory authority to execute contractual agreements on behalf of the Public Agency. To review the ePAY Agreement, click here. To review the NCR Payment Solutions Agreement, click here.