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There are countless reasons to sign up for ePAY. ePAY helps you take more constituent payments electronically through our custom, safe payment solutions. Below are just some of the highlights. When you are ready, contact us for more information.


  • Contemporary Solutions - Allow your constituents to pay using mobile wallets over-the-counter, or use recurring bill pay when paying online. Additionally start collecting your constituents’ contact information to allow you to send email communications and e-bills or turn on e-receipts for over-the-counter transactions.
  • Secure Investment and Settlement Options - Earn a greater return on your balances by having your funds automatically deposited to an Illinois Funds investment account, or elect to settle to an outside bank.
  • Competitive Pricing - Whether you pass the processing fee to your constituents or absorb the fee, take advantage of affordable pricing options including the bundling of equipment costs with processing fees and lower fees by funding to The Illinois Funds.
  • Enhanced Security - The ePAY processor is a PCI DSS Level 1 Service Provider and NACHA compliant. In addition our payment solutions now offer greater security to help minimize your PCI scope! ePAY also offers PCI validation, tracking, and reporting tools at no additional cost.
  • First in Class Customer Support - A dedicated help desk during normal business hours and after hour support will allow us to resolve 95% of all participant tickets within 1 business day.


Point-of-Sale (POS)

Simple and convenient over-the-counter payment solutions. Our recommended integration option is hosted, semi-integrated because it offers real-time reporting capabilities, as well as the ability to utilize text or e-receipts.


Comparison of Integration Options:

POS Comparison Chart
(POS) Equipment Options

ePAY supports and recommends EMV point-of-sale (POS) transactions using the Pax S300 (IP connectivity) and the Pax S500 (IP or WiFi connectivity). These EMV readers offer near-field communication (NFC) capabilities to allow for mobile wallet payments such as ApplePay, GooglePay and SamsungPay. The EMV readers also utilize end-to-end encryption (E2EE) in the card reader to help minimize PCI scope and protect card data. For a POS option where internet access and/or power is not available, the ePAY processor supports the Pax S90 for point-of-sale EMV payments, which utilizes Verizon or T-Mobile cellular networks. A full warranty on all equipment is offered at no additional cost.

To review the benefits of the Pax S300 click here.
To review the benefits of the Pax S500 click here.
To review the benefits of the Pax S90 click here.

POS Kiosk

The kiosk solution is a dedicated, customer facing all in one device that handles payment transaction. It is designed to complement the participant’s point-of-sale service including access to view customer(s) account information, amounts due, stored payment profiles and billing information. It processes all non-cash payments and allows for full or partial payment and can deliver receipts via email or SMS text. It is secure and PCI-compliant. Kiosks offer additional convenience to the participant and their customers without any additional charges.


Technical specifications includes: Ethernet access and power and operates on Chrome OS.



Through our over-the-counter payment solutions, accept ApplePay, SamsungPay, and GooglePay. Also, your payments webpage is optimized for mobile use so constituents can make payments from any mobile device, so no need to develop a custom application to take mobile payments.



Constituents can make their payment online through your customized payments webpage. Your payments webpage is optimized for mobile use so constituents can make payments from any mobile device. Our recommended integration method is fully hosted. With a fully hosted webpage you can simply send us your billing data and we recreate bills for presentment on your website. If paired with customer data, it is possible to also e-mail these bills.


Comparison of Integration Options:

Online Comparison Chart

A hosted IVR (Interactive Voice Response) solution is available to accept convenient, self-service, telephone payments from your constituents 24 hours a day.


Comparison of Integration Options:

IVR Comparison Chart


With ePAY, government agencies have the opportunity to earn greater returns as part of The Illinois Funds, a AAAm rated fund recognized for its safety, liquidity, and return capabilities. ePAY funds are deposited directly into your Illinois Funds investment account(s)1, or you can elect to fund to a settlement account at a bank of your choosing.2


How it works:

Settlement Bank Options

1Illinois National Bank (INB) is the custodian for ePAY settlement account(s). INB automatically transfers any funds over your target balance to your Illinois Funds investment account(s) at US Bank at 10:30 a.m. daily.
2Unless a state agency has the option to fund to a locally held account.


Benefits with The Illinois Funds:

Benefits With The Illinois Funds


In addition to settlement bank options, ePAY offers affordable pricing options with a full warranty on all equipment at no additional cost.



Passing allows you to pass on the processing fees to your constituent. In addition, all passing pricing includes the cost of POS equipment. The only decision you are asked to make is whether you will fund to your Illinois Funds investment account or go outside and use your own settlement bank.


Passing Pricing Chart

Under absorb pricing you have the option to automatically deposit your funds into your Illinois Funds investment account or to your own settlement bank for higher pricing. Also, you have the option to include the cost of your POS equipment within your processing fees or pay for your equipment upfront.


Please note under this scenario the ePAY processor will auto debit your settlement account on the fifth day of the subsequent month or the next business day if the fifth day is a weekend or a holiday. However, state agencies will be invoiced by the fifth day of the subsequent month with payment due at fifty (50) days of receipt of an invoice.


Absorbing Pricing Chart


Enrollment Checklist

To help make your enrollment as seamless as possible we have created a enrollment checklist and workflow for you to follow and share with your stakeholders.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Glossary of Electronic Payments Industry Terms

To help you navigate through our website and product information we have prepared a glossary of common industry terms for your reference.


Glossary of ePAY Terms

To help you complete our enrollment materials please review our glossary of ePAY terms.



For current ePAY participants, please review our training videos for more information about ePAY services and reporting.