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ePAY offers government agencies a full-service electronic payment program that makes it easy, fast, and secure to process any number of incoming payments (e.g. parking tickets, utility bills, requests for birth/death/marriage records, etc.) 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


Payment Services:


  • Online Solutions:  Make online bill payment easy for your constituents.  Your customers log onto, connect to your customized ePAY web page and make real time payments.  Alternatively, you can elect to integrate directly to our secure payment service via a third-party solution.
  • Telephone Solutions:  Our touch-tone solutions are available to your constituents from anywhere in the world at any time of the day.
  • Point-of-Sale Solutions:  Simple and convenient over-the-counter terminals or software solutions for all your point-of-sale needs.  Easy to use and even easier to install, these terminals are a cost-effective option to accept a wide range of payment types.
  • Integrated Solutions:  Automated solutions that integrate seamlessly with third party software or accounting systems.
  • Broad Payment Options:  Agencies that use ePAY services can accept credit card, bankcard and electronic check payments.


Key Benefits:


  • Competitive Pricing:  Per the Treasurer's procurement process, we are able to offer government agencies access to various payment channels at an affordable cost.  Our convenience fee program allows agencies to pass the fee to the constituent versus absorbing the processing costs
  • Customer Service:  ePAY customer support specialist are available Monday thru Friday from 8:30am to 4:30pm central time to address your payment questions. In addition, our team offers onsite training options, expertise on payment industry standards such as Euro, Master Card, Visa (EMV) and support for PCI compliance.
  • Interest Income:  Earn greater returns as a participant of The Illinois Funds program. The primary program objective is the safety of principal, while providing all participants a competitive rate of return.
  • Safety:  ePAY complies with the Local Government Acceptance of Credit Cards Act (ILCS-345) and prevailing credit card rules and regulations.


To bring ePAY to your agency, visit our sign up page.  For questions, please contact our office at toll-free 1-866-831-5240 or complete our online contact form.