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What is ePAY?

ePAY is a full-service electronic payment program specifically designed for government agencies in Illinois so they can quickly and securely receive monies through convenient, customized payment channels.  Over 800 local and state government agencies, from cities and villages to schools and park districts, have adopted ePAY since it was created in 2002 to provide public entities with a safe, timely, and competitively priced electronic payment solution.  Read ePAY's services overview sheet.


Who Participates?

All types of local and state government agencies can participate, including elected county officials, county treasurers, cities and villages, schools, libraries, parks and recreation facilities, sewage treatment districts, sanitation districts, other special taxing districts, community colleges, and universities.


As of January 2019, ePAY participants included:

  • 39 State Agencies

  • 36 County Agencies

  • 189 Cities and Villages

  • 112 Schools and Board of Education Offices

  • 14 Universities and Colleges

  • 70 Libraries and Library Districts

  • 10 Parks and Recreation Facilities

  • 22 Water & Sewage Treatment Districts

  • 4 Soil & Water Conservation Districts

  • 6 Public Transportation

  • 12 Public Health & Services


Benefits of ePAY
  • Speed and Convenience – Constituents can pay bills or fees 24 hours a day, seven days a week, from any location.  It’s fast, convenient, and secure.
  • Accessibility – Payments are processed through multiple channels.  ePAY participants may accept credit cards, bank cards, and/or electronic checks over the counter, online, or by telephone.
  • Security and Compliance – Operated in a manner consistent with the Deposit of Statement Monies Act (15 ILCS 520), the Local Government Acceptance of Credit Cards Act (50 ILCS 345), PCI Data Security Standards, and prevailing credit card industry rules. 
  • Minimal Costs – Not only is ePAY competitively priced, but multiple pricing options give participants the choice between paying credit card processing fees or passing those fees on to their constituents.
  • Customer Care – Access to onboarding training, customer care specialists, Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance support, and payment processing consulting.
  • Industry Expertise – ePAY staff are experts in electronic payment processing. They use this expertise to acquire the latest and most secure payment technology and assist participants in finding the solutions that best suits their needs.
  • Investment Earnings – Participants have an opportunity to earn greater returns on their balances and enjoy immediate access to their monies as part of The Illinois Funds Local Government Investment Pool.
  • Easy Application – No contract or request for proposal (RFP) required. Government agencies are able to leverage the economies of scale provided by the Treasurer’s master processing contract.


To open or update an ePAY account, click here.


If you are a governmental entity and would like more information on services offered through ePAY, please visit our FAQs page, or feel free to contact the Treasurer’s Office at 1-866-831-5240 or submit an online contact form.



Make a Payment

To find out if your local government participates, search its name in the section below under “Make a Payment.”

Make a Payment

ePAY allows you to safely pay bills to local governments and state agencies at your convenience.

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Search for a government unit to make a payment

Important Notice: We have recently implemented Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards requirements that may interfere with your ability to use ePAY. If you receive an error message when attempting to access ePAY, please consult our browser information page for more information.

In the box to above, enter the governmental unit name in which you wish to make a payment to.  



•  For example, to locate the Main County Treasurer's Office, enter: "Main County Treasurer" and click “Search."

•  For example, to locate the City of Main, enter: "Main" and click “Search”.



To comply with current Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards, the ePAY e-commerce application currently supports the following browsers:  Internet Explorer 11 (Internet Explorer 10 can be used, but may require changes to your browser settings), Google Chrome v.38 or greater, Mozilla Firefox v.27 or greater, Safari v.7 or greater.

The Illinois State Treasurer’s Office is excited to announce ePAY’s transition to JetPay Payment Services for electronic payment processing services. If you have questions about this transition or are a Public Agency looking to sign up for ePAY please visit the NEW ePAY site.

For information about legacy ePAY services please proceed to current ePAY site.